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Established in 2002, as a subsidiary of Soopack Industrial Co.,Ltd, we were originally set up to sell Soopack products in the international market. During the last several years, Soopack has grown and expanded its business of exporting Chinese comprehensive exterior decoration materials and has become a global provider of all-directional service and full-service solutions.
Our Suppliers, Products, and Production Processes
Our suppliers and partners are Chinese leading manufacturers. Our product range includes those for all makes of marking, coating, printing and decorating industries.
Our large exports enable us to achieve pricing advantages by leveraging our total sales volume.
With a fully integrated computerized system where over all kinds of advantage of the products are stored, customer orders can be processed immediately and properly.


Ningbo Soopack Industry
Soopack, Hi-Tech.Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China


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