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Top Trading Services
1.    Trading Profile

Soopack began its operations in 2002 and is now the leading manufacturer, distributor and exporter of exterior decoration materials in China. We supply to domestic and export markets with our innovation, passion, concepts and services. Soopack and agents established a long-term stable cooperative relations in Europe, north and south Americas , Asia, the Middle East and so on.

2.    Product Application
Stamping foi
l : greeting cards, Cigarette packages, Cosmetic, Wine boxes, furniture, Medicine, Labels, Magazines, household appliances ,Tipping paper, Plastics, Leather, Textile, security label etc.

3.    Integrated Supply Chain

4.    Others
a.       Material sourcing
b.       R&D
c.       Q & C
It is the policy of this company to work in accordance with a formal quality assurance system. This is to ensure that consistently satisfactory products are provided to all customers, with special consciousness on safety at all stages--from receipt of goods, to manufacture to delivery.     
d.       Production
e.       Packaging
f.       Shipping
g.       After-sales service
The processes above are developed to be as streamlined as possible to provide fast and efficient service.


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